Having dental work done can be stressful and anxiety inducing.  Many don’t have any fear or anxiety but find it uncomfortable or just not something they care to sit through.  Sedation is for ALL patients, not just those with fear or anxiety. Furthermore, post operative discomfort from pain and swelling as a result of the dental procedure can be drastically reduced as well!

Surgery is serious and usually involves recovery regardless of sedation or not.  A patient’s recovery experience is usually managed by pain medications. But what if you could prevent pain and swelling from ever starting?  This is another significant benefit to specifically intravenous sedation. We administer medications in the most effective way available before the procedure which prevent most if not all pain and swelling before it ever starts.  The end result is usually a drastically improved recovery experience.

Most of the time we perform moderate conscious sedation.  This means that our patients are responsive the entire time.  Imagine being nudged and waking up from a light slumber. This is the moderate conscious sedation level.  Depending on the medications used, moderate conscious sedation is also associated with an amnesic effect which means patients usually don’t remember the dental procedure the next day.

We also offer general anesthesia if needed.  This is no longer ‘sedation’ as the patient is completely unresponsive to any stimulous.  This format of anesthesia is usually associated with major surgery. Some of the procedures we offer involve significant surgery.  If this is a good option for your procedure, we will let you know. The vast majority of procedures are performed under moderate conscious sedation as it is an extremely effective form of sedation without any sort of ‘hangover’ effect.  Patients wake up the next day as if no sedation has happened.

You don’t need to be annoyed, stressed, anxious or fearful of your dental procedure.
Focus on your health because that’s what is actually important.