Medical Insurance

Did you know that your MEDICAL INSURANCE could be billed in order to cover your DENTAL work? The criteria for a dental service to be considered for payment through your medical insurance is simple: it must be a medically necessary service that is based upon a medical diagnosis. A medically necessary service could be translated into services such as exams, consultations for oral-facial medical exams, oral surgery procedures, periodontal work, dental implants, etc.


You may be wondering what the advantages are to using your MEDICAL INSURANCE over your DENTAL INSURANCE


  • In general, DENTAL plans consist of a yearly maximum while MEDICAL plans do not
  • You will experience a significant reduction in your out of pocket expenses
  • Medical Plans tend to have a higher acceptance rate for complex procedures
  • All  ACCIDENTS AND TRAUMA related dental procedures are covered under your Medical plans


Billing your medical insurance can get complicated, but no need to worry. Our office staff consists of highly-trained individuals who specialize in billing your medical insurance in order to obtain your dental benefits —all you need to do is give us your medical insurance card – and we’ll take care of the rest.